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#metoo. Tread Carefully.

I have been on the verge of joining my friends in making non-specific 6-character disclosures. My heart goes out to them and it makes me sad that people I am close to have never told me they have experienced sexual

Llangwm Literary Festival

I’m looking forward to my sessions at Llangwm Literary Festival on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th August. Two for adults and one for children. Have a look through the very diverse programme… Share This:

How learning to fly taught me to teach.

It’s easy to nurture the students who have a flair for your subject. When I taught Drama I loved the children who were in school plays. Now I teach Creative Writing and I get excited about students who produce publishable

Reply from BBC complaints

I have had the following reply from BBC Complaints regarding my letter about the outrageous handling of mental health story lines in series 31 of ‘Casualty’. Thank you for contacting us regarding BBC One’s ‘Casualty’. I understand you feel our

The Power of Circus – Midweek on Radio 4

How fantastic to hear Professor Vanessa Toulmin talking about the power of Circus on radio 4 this morning. The mental and physical strength Circus gives you and the pride you have in each other’s achievements is unique. Circus needs no

Open letter to the BBC concerning ‘Casualty’.

I rarely watch ‘Casualty’ and I imagine I have missed many diverse and powerful storylines. However, the two episodes I have recently watched have been notable for their irresponsibly negative handling of mental illness. In series 31 episode 2, a

A Bunch of Clowns

A Bunch of Clowns. There are Ghost Ships off every coast and in the middle of the sea. Whole crews vanishing with no trace – though always a dinner someone was about to eat, an elaborately laid table. (Do they

Mental Health and exercise … Women in Sport

World Mental Health Day is a good day to look back on last week, which was Women in Sport Week (these designated days and weeks come thick and fast). Physical activity cannot be overestimated as a method of sustaining or

World Mental Health Day

Today is designated by whoever decides these things (perhaps there is a committee with a shared Google Doc that schedules, for example, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, World Smile Day and Bipolar Awareness Day) World Mental Health Day. Most

it’s places like these that keep the world turning

Imagine a place where men and women, boys and girls of all ages and abilities meet together to exercise and socialise. Where you are accepted for who you are and yet you find yourself doing things you would never have