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And it is gone.

Whitchurch bolts its rusty doors for the last time. I’ve been full of words about Whitchurch for years and recently I have spouted many words in celebration of its replacement. Today I find I have no words. I’ll leave it

interviews about Hafan y Coed

Scroll down this page for interviews. Radio Wales – ‘Good Morning Wales’ on 17 March 2016. The interview is 50.18 minutes in. Share This:

Hafan y Coed psychiatric hospital

Today is one of those days you think will never actually come. But it is here and Hafan y Coed has been officially opened. This is the transcript of what I said at the opening: A few years ago I

Services and making use of them…

The government provides a variety of services in return for our taxes. There are words to describe us when we make use of these: when we walk along a pavement we are ‘pedestrians’, when we drive (chance would be a

Stacey and co…

I’m glad Professor Ian Jones got the BBC gig advising Eastenders on the postpartum psychosis storyline. He’s a lovely man and a key expert. I’ve been moved by the loyalty shown by the character of Martin, the friendship of the

postpartum psychosis BBC documentary

I have enormous respect for everyone involved in this programme. The women, their partners and parents, the doctor, nurses and BBC producers have created something new and important: an honest, sensitive and informative portrayal of mental illness and recovery. This

from the worst psych hospital in the UK to the best! Coming soon!

Not long ago, a group of patients were shown around the site of the new psychiatric hospital at Llandough, which is planned to replace Whitchurch and the Llanfair unit in April. It is full of light and everyone can go

Hay Festival Talk… ‘What If?’

Come and see me at the Hay Festival this Sunday. Share This:

Reflections on health emergencies

This post is not about any individual. All the doctors and nurses involved were professional and kind in their work. A few weeks back, I was incoherent with a Bipolar episode. I made my way to the GP surgery and

the opposite of flying

I was having too much fun. Pride comes before a fall. Etcetera. I worked so hard on exercises to make my lower back flexible for my backswing that my muscles seized up and one day I had no backswing. I was