About Romy

I graduated from Homerton College Cambridge in 1995 with a Bachelor of Education degree and a baby. I went on to have two more babies and a Masters degree from Cardiff University.

In 1995, I began my working life as a secondary school teacher. I became Head of Drama, which was great fun because I put on plays and shows, which for many students are a highlight of their time at school.

When my third child was born, I changed tack and studied for an MA in The Teaching and Practice of Creative Writing. I am now an Associate Lecturer for the Open University, which I really enjoy.

I have two published novels: an East-meets-West epic about Bangkok, bipolar and business, called BAMBOO GROVE (Alcemi 2010)  and WORD ON THE STREET, which is a darkly comic reflection on homelessness, life writing and dermatology (CillianPress 2013).

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