Word on the Street

A darkly comic reflection on homelessness, life writing and dermatology.

The homeless are dying; a pestilence is sweeping them off the streets, while the authorities herd the not-yet-dead into sinister ‘clinics’ in derelict industrial wastelands… until suddenly The Public is no longer immune.

Word on the Street is about love and squalor, tenderness and disease, dead dogs and midnight burials, boils and pus and body hair. And politics, of course. It’s about what separates people, and what joins them: courage, resistance, self-sacrifice, humour and friendship. It’s a gruesome black farce: absurd, profoundly moving, and very, very, funny.

Bamboo Grove

 Bamboo Grove

A black comedy set in Bangkok about financial collapse, corruption and altruism.

A pseudo-Buddhist monk, an illegal immigrant, a bipolar teenager and a quixotic pair of young businessmen are all bound by Eastern Vision, an empire selling everything from faux-Eastern objets to real estate, from client-centred sperm-donation to gypsy magic.

Behind Many Doors, Ed. Phil Carradice & Briony Goffin

A colleBehind-Many-Doors-cover-300ctive memoir of Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff

‘Together, these writers have produced a meaningful and moving legacy that not only offers intimate, historical insight into a particular world but could even assist in the way we think about the nature of hospitals, psychiatry, and the provision of holistic mental healthcare in the future.’ Briony Goffin

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