A selection of reviews of ‘Word on the Street’

Dr Christian Aldridge, Dermatologist, writes:
Word on the Street is a love story. It may not seem like it from the blurb on the book but it is. That it is set amongst squalor, lice and the homeless shouldn’t shape any pre-conceived ideas you may have. It’s about Shona and Dan. Its background, that of an unknown disease that is afflicting the homeless preferentially, allows the relationship to develop with the added spice of grime and journalistic detection. It’s also about mental health and how an individual wrestles with those psychiatric demons on a daily basis in order just to function. Romy Wood’s skill is in her ability to encapsulate that mental struggle and describe that journey to those of us more fortunate not to suffer those ills. I personally think this is an easier book to read than her debut novel ‘Bamboo Grove’. It has humour and the main characters become detectives in their quest to determine the source of the disease affecting the homeless in Cardiff. I enjoyed this read and would certainly recommend it to anyone , but I warn you … you will need a shower after every chapter!
Susmita Bhattacharya , prolific short story writer and now novelist
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