Radio Wales wit and wisdom

I enjoyed very much chatting to Alan Thompson & Cris Dafis on Thursday, when Alan sat in for Eleri Sion on the afternoon show.  It was a joy to meet 2 such lovely men and have a banter.

We discussed 4 burning issues. Firstly, we considered the spectacularly titled Channel 5 programme ‘Never Teach Your Wife to Drive‘, which takes as its premise the fact that women are very silly and that tasks such as driving a car are beyond them. 

Then we discussed some research that found that ‘half of Brits are bored with their lives.’ I made some brisk suggestions about getting out into the community, being mindful about one’s shopping and listening to the radio when you are cleaning. Cris claimed that washing one’s hair is boring, but I didn’t have time to challenge that because he also explained his theory that we use the word ‘bored’ to describe other feelings that we don’t have the emotional intelligence or language for. This is definitely worth a closer look.

We went on to a list similar researchers (hopefully on full government grants) had compiled of ‘things that make your day.’ These included sunshine, finding some money you forgot you had, and receiving a compliment. Less obvious was ‘bumping into a relative unexpectedly’, which I think has to be put in context before it can be considered as a day maker.

Finally, we were asked to comment on Mr Jason Orange’s departure from ‘Take That’. I could have lived my life exactly as I have so far even if he had never joined a band, so I took the opportunity to point out that Martha leaving Bake Off was more pressing as news.

I’m being silly here but in fact I loved it all. Thank you for having me Radio Wales. I am available at short notice for comment of a serious or flippant nature, with or without the Valleys accent that seems to come out of my mouth as soon as I get into a recording studio.

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