Stacey and co…

I’m glad Professor Ian Jones got the BBC gig advising Eastenders on the postpartum psychosis storyline. He’s a lovely man and a key expert.
I’ve been moved by the loyalty shown by the character of Martin, the friendship of the character of Sonya and the kind professionalism of the characters of the doctor and nurse.
I’m more cynical about the omnipresence of that excellent nurse who supports Stacey and her visitors. Is she never in the office doing paperwork or handover? Is she never replaced by a lazy, under-trained nursing assistant? Does she never go home? And the doctor is around a lot, too … the same doctor who came down to A&E when Stacey first presented, who admitted her to the unit and is regularly on that unit…Walford is an exemplary NHS Trust.
I am deeply envious of the clean, pleasant environment of the unit. See this post… which will be updated on March 17th when I will post the speech I am giving at the opening of Hafan y Coed.

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